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Unleash the power of SharePoint and Teams with Mozzaik365 solutions

Mozzaik365 SharePoint extension

Mozzaik365 is a SharePoint Online extension that allows you to create collaborative intranets. Engage your employees with rich and functional communication, collaboration and knowledge management spaces.

Main features

Unified Experience, Application Launchers

Site factory

Social network wall, My subscriptions

Advanced Search Center, Company Who's Who

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MODA to create custom Dashboard teams

MODA makes it easy to create customized Teams Dashboards. Centralize communications and business tools in clear, customizable spaces that can be accessed directly in Microsoft Teams.

Main features

My Applications, My Business, My Viva Insights

My next appointments

My emails, My notes

My social networks, News gallery

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Benefits of the Mozzaik365 Digital Workplace


Engage your teleworkers and face-to-face employees

Share information with the right people at the right time

Facilitate access and circulation to target populations

Integrate content from your social networks into your intranet and deploy an Employee Advocacy strategy

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Human Resources

Nurture your company's values

Strengthen the bond with your employees

Facilitate online access to all HR services

Improve the digital experience of your employees and enable them to unleash their full potential

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Provide a seamless and accessible experience for all

Optimise team productivity by providing practical tools

Manage your Digital Workplace in a coherent and completely secure environment

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Our certifications

Microsoft PartnerMozzaik365 editor certified ISO 27001Keyrus integrator partner Mozzaik365Keyrus integrator partner Mozzaik365

Overcome your business challenges

Share knowledge

Create a knowledge management wiki

Ensure an easy access to information 

Simplify contributions and make the most of your experts' knowledge 

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Promote collaboration

Centralize collaboration in your Dashboard

Integrate Teams & SharePoint for a seamless digital experience 

Find the right expert to help with your projects

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Manage communication

Target your communications

Create editorial content in 2 clicks 

Customize your communications to your audiences

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Our customers talk about us

Stéphanie LAUSECKER, AccorInvest

"AccorInvest is an investor and owner-operator of Accor-managed hotels. Following our separation from Accor, we had to completely recreate our digital environment. The first version of the intranet was implemented in one month with Mozzaik365. Our past experiences with SharePoint had made us very wary at the beginning of the project, but the combination of Modern SharePoint and Mozzaik365 is quite simple and intuitive. It was a real surprise. Today, we can even say that we are having a blast since we are working in a test & learn mode and are continuously evolving our intranet with the new Mozzaik365 components."

Bertrand ROBIQUET, Freyssinet

"Freyssinet was looking for a knowledge management solution to create an internal tool that helps the business to share information within the company. The Mozzaik365 solution allowed us to easily create and organize our wikis, and make them available in sections with an efficient search engine and available on mobile devices. Mozzaik365 brings real value to Modern SharePoint, and we regularly use the product's new features to enhance our business space."

Must-have features

Designer component

Unlock the limits of SharePoint Modern to compose and design your pages like real websites

Contribution support

Simplify the life of your contributors with an extraordinary simplicity and speed of publication

Site factory

Save, replicate and manage your templates to roll out your sites from a catalogue

Company Who's Who component

Formalize the company's structure into a clear, convenient and easy to maintain directory

Unified experience panel

Make your intranet a single access point to all your tools and software

Knowledge management

Provide access to all your resources related to business teams activities


Drive your channels with multi-source feeds and audience

Teams Component

Integrate Teams and SharePoint with your intranet, find your conversations in all your workspaces

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